• This page is designed to help you to start and maintain a happy relationship with Clayton County and its cities. Business owners must know how to be compliant in order to be in the position to market to customers, grow business and become successful. The information provided herein is intended to be a help to business owners. We recognize that each business is unique and each business owner is an individual or individual entity. We recommend that each business owner conduct the due diligence for their specific business at its specific location. 
    Note:  Business owners have found that the best and most expedient service occurred when they went to the Clayton County permit office in person.


    You are going to start your business!  Do you have the amount of money that you need to get started?  Are you planning to borrow money?  Where will the money coming from?  What is the requirement for you to pay the money back?

    The following Clayton County Chamber members do business accessing capital for business owners.  Remember to do your due diligence to find the one best suited to your business and your needs.


    ‚ÄčDoes your business industry require that you be a licensed professional to operate in the state?  What kind of business license is required to operate your business where you choose to locate it?  What permits are required to do anything at your business location?  Know the rules!  Pay the fees!  Avoid the fines!  Be a Happy business owner!


    Starting a Business.  Developing business growth skills and resources.  Staying in business.  Coaching/Mentoring can help!  Small Business Association, Industry Associations and networking can all provide direction to resources that can be of benefit.  Be a Successful business owner.


    These Chamber Members can assist you in furthering your education. 


    Do you want to do business with Clayton County or one of its cities?  There are procedures that must be followed. The rules are specific to the County or the City where you would like to do business. RFPs (Requests for Proposals) are sent out when the County or one of its cities has a need. 


    Partner with organizations that allow you to serve the community while networking and doing business.  Partner with organizations the link you to the community, offer many networking opportunities and grant your business visibility through sponsorships.  Be a Growing business owner.

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  • Helpful tips from Clayton County Tax Commissioner, Mr. Terry L. Baskin