• Economic Development Manager- City of Morrow

    Posted: 06/17/2020

    Job Description

    JOB TITLE: Economic Development Manager

    STATUS/GRADE: Exempt / 40

    DEPARTMENTEconomic Development

    JOB SUMMARY: This position is focused on business attraction, business retention, business relationships, and development initiatives for the entire City of Morrow. This position answers directly to the City Manager and serves as the Executive Director for the Morrow Downtown Development Authority, the Morrow Urban Redevelopment Agency, and the Morrow Housing Authority. This position is responsible for building relationships that may benefit Morrow such as the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the Clayton County Economic Development Office, the Georgia, Atlanta, Airport, and Clayton County Chambers of Commerce. This staff person is responsible for coordinating all programs and activities related to economic development.


    • Project Manager for special projects from the Downtown Development Authority, the Urban Redevelopment Agency, and the Morrow Housing Authority.
    • Proactively seek out new development projects.
    • Identify new projects that promote Economic Development, revitalization, and infrastructure development throughout the city.
    • Represent the City at various trade shows, networking events, and public outreach events.
    • Assist in the preparation of marketing plans and strategies.
    • Work with local businesses to help them make contact with appropriate resources. Communicate regularly with local businesses. Advocate on a business’ behalf when applicable.
    • Maintain knowledge of Economic Development tools including but not limited to; Opportunity Zones, Work Force Development, Transportation Initiatives, Housing Development Trends and Realities,
    • Process and administer annexation procedures for the City.
    • Collect, review, analyze and interpret statistical, census and economic data related to economic development.
    • Maintain an inventory of properties available for purchase/lease/redevelopment within the City.
    • Assist with the development and implementation of strategic economic development incentive programs such as Tax Allocation Districts, Downtown Revolving Loan Funds, Business Improvement Districts, Opportunity Zones, Ground Leases, etc.
    • Maintain an awareness of new development programs, as well as state, local, private and public funding sources and grant opportunities.
    • Develop and conduct on-going public awareness and education programs designed to enhance appreciation of the City’s economic development programs and assets.
    • Foster an understanding of the City’s economic development program’s goals and objectives through speaking engagements, media interviews, appearances, keeping economic development programs highly visible in the community.
    • Serve as a liaison between the City and the Downtown Development Authority, Urban Redevelopment Agency and the Housing Authority in concert with policies, instructions, and procedures established by the City Manager, or Mayor and Council. Such policies, instructions, and procedures do not have to be written to be enforceable.
    • Maintain continual liaison with the City Manager for purposes of providing information and obtaining advice and consent.
    • Support the retail, restaurant, commercial, residential and cultural development within the City. Work cooperatively with the managers, and landlords of the downtown area to bring viable businesses to the downtown; and retain existing businesses.
    • Assemble economic development materials and programs for the City consistent with the adopted branding scheme and marketing plan for the City. Contribute to the development of promotional and marketing materials, brochures and programs for the City.
    • Assist businesses and developers in the planning and execution of expansions, renovations, grand openings and ribbon cuttings.
    • Complete surveys and perform such other tasks relative to Economic Development as requested by the City Manager.
    • Coordinate effective hiring, and retention of full-time and part-time employees with the City Manager using appropriate and legal hiring, promoting and evaluation techniques.
    • All duties and functions shall be governed by City Ordinances, and all regulations and procedures and laws of the State of Georgia and the Federal Government.
    • Other duties as assigned.


    • Must have working knowledge or develop working knowledge of State and Federal rules, laws, and regulations which pertain to City development, expenditure of public funds, including all State and Federal environmental policies, transportation planning and other developmentally related programs.
    • Must understand the issues confronting downtown business owners, public agencies and community organizations.
    • Must be well-organized and capable of functioning effectively in a comprehensive city environment.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential.
    • Excellent Interpersonal Skills are critical in developing relationships and communication within the city government, between different cultures, for the purpose of connecting with local businesses, and gaining helpful information from outside agencies.
    • Excellent supervisory skills are required.
    • Must be able to operate modern office equipment.
    • Must understand and be able to prepare complex financial statements and reports.
    • Must be entrepreneurial, energetic and imaginative.
    • Must be able to reach out and communicate with individuals, businesses, and agencies with whom you are unfamiliar.
    • Must be able to work well with a variety of people in varying settings.

    GUIDELINES: This position uses all Local, State, and Federal Legislations and regulations relating to economic development; and all City, State, and Federal regulations regarding employment, as guidelines for appropriate actions.

    COMPLEXITY: This position requires the ability to learn and understand information from routine to very complex, involving need for extensive research, decisions considering many different sources, and detailed report writing, to complete assignments. They must be able to make responsible judgments and to acquire knowledge on topics related to primary job functions.

    PERSONAL CONTACTS: Contacts are typically co-workers, employees, local, federal and state officials, attorneys, vendor’s, developers, business owners, and the general public.

    PURPOSE OF CONTACTS: Requires the ability to deal with people beyond giving and receiving instructions. This position must be able to listen, instruct, direct, and persuade contacts. They must be adaptable to performing in stressful situations when confronted with contingency and/or non-routine situations.

    PHYSICAL DEMANDS: This position must be able to work sitting, walking, standing, bending, stooping, pushing, or pulling, for both short and long periods of time. This position must be able to work at a computer, reading and interpreting reports and procedures and be able to talk/listen on the phone or equivalent devices.

    WORK ENVIRONMENT: The person serving in this position will work in an office environment but will also visit other agencies, businesses, development sites, will be indoors and outdoors.

    SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: This position may have supervisory responsibility over part-time and full-time City employees as approved by the City Manager, after consideration with Mayor and Council.


    Must be able to perform all essential duties.

    Bachelor Degree with a discipline in Business Administration, Public Administration, Planning (Urban or Regional) or similar related field.

    Experience in one or more of the following areas: Economic Development, Business Development, Project Management, Planning, Public Relations or Historic Preservation.

    Valid Georgia Driver’s License and satisfactory Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). Equivalent education and experience will be considered.

    SUPERVISORY CONTROLS: The person serving in this position reports on a daily basis to the City Manager and, periodically, to the Mayor and City Council.

    Job Type: Full-time
    Open Until Filled
    Apply online at www.cityofmorrow.com

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