• The Bobby Dodd Institute-NEW-Sanitize With Purpose hand sanitizer

    Offer Valid: 05/20/2021 - 08/31/2022
    The Bobby Dodd Institute-NEW-Sanitize With Purpose hand sanitizer
    Future Partner,
    Working with BDI is more than a business partnership; it is an opportunity to illuminate the path for people with differing abilities. Finding community partners who share our passion for an inclusive society is at the core of our mission. Work and employment are the vehicles by which we can provide employment as well as services to adults with disabilities, and organizations like yours play a huge role!  
    My name is Monique Bell- Business Engagement Executive and I would like the opportunity to share some exciting news regarding a new service we have at BDI.  
     Sanitize With Purpose hand sanitizer not only matches – or beats – the leading brands in terms of purity, effectiveness, and cost, but it also positively impacts the community.
    When you purchase from Sanitize With Purpose, you change lives. Our products are available for personal and business use. Each case includes 24, 6-ounce bottles.
     Check out our website to learn more about other services to give back at:

    For more information regarding hand, sanitizer sales, contact Monique Bell-Business Engagement Executive at 678-365-2281 Monique.bell@bobbydodd.org.

    I look forward to connecting with you and exploring all the fantastic partnership opportunities and advantages when working with BDI and the community we serve.
    Together we can fulfill our mission of empowering people with differing abilities and truly make a difference in the community.

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